XLenz AR

Futuristic eCommerce Shopping Experience

XLenz AR eCommerce Shopping Experience is an effective way of capturing the audience’s interest, encouraging them to engage and interact with the brand by allowing them to try on a variety of the products leading to fewer product returns and giving additional information thereby reaching a larger customer base.

If you have an e-commerce website and want to increase your conversion rates and boost sales, talk to XLenz and build an immersive experience for your products, contact us today.


Retail E-commerce revenue is expected to be 6542 billion US dollars. Total number of products that Amazon U.S carries is 350+ Million and Alibaba has around 330 million+ products.

XLenz Augmented Reality is the future of a retailer’s presence in the Ecommerce industry and positioning in the consumer’s mind.

XLenz tools will allow you to simply upload and convert 3D models into all platforms and try it on surface,image,body or face.

Use Cases

Use Cases

XLenz AR Solution can bring your Product to life

Retail Categories

Available for all Retail Categories

Whether it is clothing or your home accessories all of them can be integrated and deployed with XLenz AR

Greater Engagement

Greater Engagement with your Brands

XLenz AR retail Shopping Experience enables you to interact with the digital assets placed in the real world giving customers a chance to engage with your brand through various ways

Improved Brand Advocacy

Improved Brand Advocacy

XLenz AR Shopping aim is to surprise the customers and obtain their complete attention and interest and awaken the consumer's desire to help Improve Brand Advocacy

Integrated Buying Experience

Integrated Buying Experience

Customers can have fun trying out new looks and products and displaying additional information about products shown enhances your customers buying experience

Higher Conversion Rate

Higher Conversion Rate

XLenz AR Retail Shopping can significantly increase the recognition of your brand among the customers and engage them in a more efficient manner resulting in higher Conversion Rate

Greater Return on Investmen

Greater Return on Investment

Having XLenz AR in eCommerce will give you high return on investment