XLenz AR
Partner Network

Design and Print Shop Operators

  • Create a certain emotional connection with customers
  • Create a world-class immersive experience
  • Increase your print media company popularity by embracing AR now
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    Advertising Agencies

  • Better Visualization of products
  • Better interactivity with the content
  • Faster Reachability
  • Cost-Effective for the advertisers
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    Book Publishers

  • Enhance the level of engagement with readers
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Transition from paper/digital to AR
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    Educational Institutions

  • Optimization of traditional tools and methods for reuse in more effective manner
  • Stimulation of the curiosity among the students
  • Saves time and nerves from spending on searching already filtered relevant information
  • No troubles with the language barrier as they can be integrated into the software
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  • Providing a new digital experience that transforms the customer journey into an immersive, visually-interactive experience
  • Increasing brand recognition and loyalty
  • Better Return of Investment
  • Reduces various costs incurred
  • Connects digital and real world
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    Content Creators

  • Bring design to life
  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Opportunity to widen their customer reachability
  • Better Product Engagement
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    Augmented Reality is forecasted to become a 200 billion U.S. dollar industry by 2025. It is not business as usual.If you put AR in the back burner, your business will be losing out eventually. Fortunately, you have XLenz Partner Network. Being a member of XLenz partner network, you will be part of the emerging technologies and will continue to increase your customer base.

    XLenz Partner Network (XPN) goes beyond our AR Marketplace. Being a member of XPN gives you the ability to be a part of the AR elite group that is your industry specific. You are able to grow your business multifold by not only showcasing your AR products in our Marketplace but also able to get high volume and high converting prospects that ultimately increase your bottom line multi-fold.

    You will be the forerunner in your industry to implement AR in your business.

    Partner Benefits

    a) Zero Infrastructure Costs

    b) Volume Discount

    c) Build your own AR Brand

    d) No Coding or Programming Skills required

    e) Analytics to gain insights of your Customer Base

    f) Provide Customized AR Solution to your customers

    g) Priority access to XLenz Customer Service Teams

    h) Priority access to Training and New AR features

    i) Generate additional revenues

    j) Reach additional customers

    k) Huge return on investment

    We are currently evaluating industry specific business to become members of our XPN. If you are a business in one of the following areas, we suggest you get in touch with our partner evaluation team.

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